Discover our Pochetta cutlery pouches

Manufactured by ELAG Group in France,  Pochetta is a stylish premium paper pouch with a napkin included designed to take your venue to the next level with presenting cutlery. Not only is Pochetta a great marketing tool, it can save you time and money.

Pochetta is an innovative portion-controlled front of house system for presenting cutlery, and will have your venue looking stylish.

Save Money and Improve Productivity

Don't waste time rolling cutlery!

Pochetta will save  countless hours  of wrapping tableware and eliminate their need to take shortcuts, which can be unhygienic and lead to messy presentation.

Our convenient and easy to use pouches require only a fraction of the time to pack with cutlery.

ELAG consistently set industry benchmarks for a wide range of premium quality tableware products. Our durable and sophisticated Pochetta paper pouches with or without napkins add a dash of sophistication to any setting, and have the ability to help turn the ordinary, into the extraordinary.

Quick and simple to use, your cutlery will slip into the paper sleeve in less than half the time it takes to wrap tableware. Pochetta pouches are ideal for anyfood service application.

The Advantages of Using Pochetta

1. Proactive marketing 

An innovative approach to advertise your business. Design your own Pochetta for in-house promotions, feedback/registration forms, news, events or simply make it fun and design your own games. Be a leader, not a follower. 

2. Enhance your ambience

Impress your guests with one of our beautiful stock designs, or take it one step further and create your own chic cutlery pouch.

3. Save time, save money

No more countless hours spent wrapping cutlery, free up your staff to attend to more important matters.

4. Protected from the elements

Pochetta provides protection against dirt and wind in an outdoor setting.

5. Hygienic

The napkin is inserted during production therefore eliminating any unnecessary handling and exposure to the environment and giving you and your guests peace of mind.